The ABC’s Of PC and Laptop Memory

memory repair or upgrade


  1. Jay

    I want to share as well how to check your ram version, you can use CPUID it’s a free software that scans your hardware and its version so it can check whether your motherboard can support specific ram version. I have the DD3 but I need to buy another one because my computer needs it to run faster.

    1. Selma Mariudottir

      Hi Jay and thanks for your comment.
      Yes, using a software like CUPID is a quick and easy way to generate a list of hardware information like your PC’s memory, cache, graphics, and SPD.


  2. Lewis

    I have to be honest that I got dizzy when reading RAM because I am not a techy person but thank you for making it so detailed that I was able to understand it. Keep on adding more post like this because it is interesting and the information that I’ve learned is amazing.

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