The Top 5 Strategies For Effective Content Creation



  1. Andy Cooper

    Amazing tips! I really understand the importance of having interaction between the owner of the blog and its followers. It is really important to maintain a relationship and the possibility to get more followers is through sharing and word of mouth. But to be honest the hardest part for me is to think of a fresh idea and that is why I end up reading other’s blog to get some tips. I am just glad that I end up reading yours. I love your website. <3

  2. Deither

    Thank you so much! You surely are an expert about this and I can’t wait to read more. This is a good example of an effective content because it reached me and for sure people are now reading it as well. You really know how to connect and give tips that everyone could understand even newbies like me.

  3. Pauline

    Hi Selma,

    This is a top blog, and this post in particular has brought home some things to me. I am new to this and have diligently been writing about the course that we are taking, as suggested by John Thornhill.

    However, after reading your post I feel I should bring a bit more of myself into they blog.

    Take care

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