The Top 6 Plugins For WordPress SEO Optimization



  1. Jasper McGuimon

    To be honest, I really don’t have any idea about SEO and this was the first time I’ve heard of it. I guess I must read more about SEO but I am going to add all of these plugins because I trust you so much with your tips and I am also a big fan of your website.

  2. Hector

    Thank you! I am now trying to read each description from the link so I could understand how it will benefit my website and I really wish I can achieve my target numbers of audience. Thank you again and I am also going to share this.

  3. Jon Crimes

    Thanks Selma, very informative post.

    I’ve been using Google XML Sitemaps & the All-In-One SEO Pack for a while now and can highly recommend both products. They’re easy and quick to use and like you said, free, something we don’t find much of these days!

    Look forward to more great posts, thanks Selma.



  4. Roman

    Hi Selma,

    I would add W3 Total Cache – “The highest rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin” as they say – because a page speed is important for SEO.

    Best wishes,

  5. Wayne Singleton

    Hi there Selma
    You have certainly picked some great plug-ins.
    Have you come across the Genius Guide to WordPress?
    Its a magazine which I think comes out annually.
    I picked up the 2014 edition the other day.
    Some fantastic plug-ins as well as lots of other cool WordPress information.
    (No this isn’t a sales pitch for them – I’m a P2S student like yourself and thought the mag added some value!!!!!)

  6. Pauline

    Hi Selma, thank you for your very informative post regarding SEO WordPress plugins.
    I have read a little about SEO and I am keen to use any help that I can.

    I am a bit confused though. Do I need to use all these plugins at once? If not which one do you think is the best to start out with?

    Take care

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