Why Images On Your Blog Are Important

An important ingredient of blogging is the ability to be able to stand tall from the others. Providing value is not enough, if a blogger must turn visitors into readers. The content of such blogs must not only be interesting but engaging. It has been said that a picture tells a thousand words and this has proven to be true online than it is offline.

One sure way you can spice up things is by adding quality and relevant images to go with your articles. Photos and images have become very vital to a successful digital strategy without which your online presence may have very little impact.

Here are some important points why images are relevant to the success of your blog:

Images are eye catchers

It is known fact that people don’t really enjoy reading a long online text. The truth is when people look at a picture and it sparks their interest, they tend to be more interested and read further since they have an idea about what is in front of them. Thus, information can be passed across more quickly and efficiently with images without having to write it all out. This works well with info graphics where readers are able to pick up information readily and easily.

Images can get you more likes on Google+ and Facebook

Images can positively prove to be a reliable shortcut to success in the social media circles. If you add a relevant image to your blog posts, you stand the chance to do well on some very popular social media such as Facebook and Google+. This will ultimately attract several shares and likes which will increase your online popularity.

Images will sell your products

Images are very important when it come to e-commerce. When you upload a better quality image of your product in your online store, there is the likelihood that the product image will increase your sale as a result. Images works even better in most e-commerce situations than product description and or customer reviews.

Images leave an impression

When you are able to make visitors remember your blog then you have actually established a brand. Most of the time, text doesn’t really stick on your visitors mind as much a great image would. Thus, it is important to know that online visitors check out several blogs articles everyday and they won’t be bored with lengthy and boring articles without an image. Visitors are happy when a visual clue that grabs their attention is posted in blog articles and they will sure come regularly for more.

Images make the web look inviting

The web is a completely different place today compared to many years ago. The digital world of today has been enhanced by images allowing it to be more streamlined and stylish. Web designs and development make use of images which make the web look more appealing and attractive to online users. The end result is more traffic will be drawn to your blog site.

Question: Do you use images on your blog? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Selma is a passionate creator who continues to branch out and explore new artistic endeavors. She is a Web Developer and Internet Marketer. She was an early online entrepreneur, who launched her web design company in 1996, and she has been working solely online since 2004. She is a proud mom of 5, who calls the picturesque Iceland home. Her versatile interests also include Songwriting, Electronics Technician, and she is a published Children’s Book Author.

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10 thoughts on “Why Images On Your Blog Are Important

  1. Wow! A good content really needs an attractive image because most people tend not to immediately read the post. People normally look at the image first because that’s what our eyes would want to see first before reading the title. I have two blogs, one is for my photography and the other ones are mostly tips on getting traffic, but to be honest, my photo blog gets more traffic because of the images in there.

  2. Hi Selma,

    Absolutely correct, images do paint a thousand words and so grab the visitor’s attention and give an idea of the content of your post, pages and even your website.

    Low quality images can ruin the effect of your post, so it’s important to realize that the images are often the element that gets people to continue reading your content.

    One thing to be careful of is to make sure you are not infringing copyright. I use 123rf.com for my images but I always go for the smallest image for within my posts 450x409px this cost me 1 credit which is very cheap but still gives me a high quality image.

    Ps like your header 🙂

    • Hi Gordon and thanks for you comment 🙂
      You are absolutely right about the copyright, it’s very important to make sure you are not violating copyright. I usually use pics that are public domain, but also buy a lot from crestock.com as the smallest image only cost $1.

  3. Hi Selma,

    You have hit the nail on head about images, they certainly do help to attract visitors to one’s content and posts, it’s just a shame that images are now not as freely as available, and that everything has to be correctly labelled with original sources clearly referenced. And even if one were to buy images from a reputable source, you still have to be wary of the terms and conditions, especially the clauses that relate to exposure, and differentiate whether your using it for commercial or personal usage.

    Kind regards


  4. Hi Selma,
    I noticed that better looking picture for you post have more people are interested to read the whole text. Personally I happens to me. When I can see a neverending text without any graphic which can entertain my eyes I better stop and go somewhere else. Maybe it is silly and simple way of thinking but I like seeing nice graphics 🙂