5 Tips to Add to Your SEO WordPress Checklist

Increase your WordPress rankings, with these 5 SEO tips!

This year your WordPress website’s SEO is more important than ever. Like most bloggers you want your site to have high rankings and constant traffic. It’s important that your posts are found, read and shared after you hit publish.

This 2020 WordPress SEO checklist will keep your website ranking and winning around the web.

Top 10 Plugins for WordPress 2017

Freshen up your WordPress blog with these top plugins for WordPress 2017!

There are almost 50,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin store. Sifting through to find ones that work, are supported, and are easy to use can feel like you’re trying to find a grain of sand on a beach. 

So to help narrow the search a little, I’ve put together the top 10 plugins best WordPress plugins for 2017. You might not need all of them, but even with the best external apps like Google Analytics, you’re bound to be looking for at least one or two.