Choosing The Best Domain Name For Your Business

Whether you have a local business, nationwide business, or worldwide business – having a website is a must. While there is much that needs to be taken into consideration when building a website, the very first thing you must invest your time and energy into is selecting an appropriate domain name.

Think of your domain name as your first line of online advertising, because a well-chosen domain name will lead to more organic traffic to your website – as well as create more search engine indexes.

Begin With Keyword Research

The first step to picking an effective domain name is to perform keyword research. While you may be aware of some popular keywords in your industry, they may not be the most ideal for your URL – or they may already be taken by someone else on the web.

To perform keyword research find a keyword tool to help you compile a list of organic keywords related to your industry. While you may be tempted to get overly creative or unique with your domain name, it can backfire if it is to unique, too long, has too many symbols, or is too difficult to remember.

As a rule of thumb, use your keyword tool to identify specific words and phrases that are commonly used when speaking of your industry – in other words, commonly typed into a web browser. When searching for a list of suitable keywords and keyword phrases, ensure you utilize the analytics in your keyword tool so that you gain an understanding of how competitive the keywords you choose are.

Finding A Domain Company

Once you have a list of 8-10 adequate keywords, you can go to your preferred domain company to see which of the phrases you are considering are available. Most domain companies will allow you to do this for free, and will give you suggestions of similar domains if the ones you are searching for are not available. When selecting your domain name, set your sights on URLs that end with a .com and get creative with using easy to remember filler words (a, the, your, an) to create a .com similar to the one you are searching for.

Choosing Your Extension

There are numerous domain name extensions to choose from, .com and .net being the two most popular. However, take other domain extensions into consideration, or consider purchasing more than one and routing them all directly back to your .com. Some popular domain extension are:


If you are a locally based business, also consider local domain extensions. The thought process being that it is better to rank at the top of your local area, then to rank in the thousands on Google.

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  1. Do you have any specific keyword tool that you can suggest? I have a small business running and I am planning to go online, but of course I am doing my research first on what to do before starting the plan. Do you have an email or contact number that I can reach? I would like your guidance about this and I hope you could help me.