Finally I Faced My Fear

And It Was Totally Worth The Challenge!

When was the last time you had the opportunity to try something new, but declined due to your fear?

Whether your fear pertains to something specific, for me this would be my fear of heights – but sometimes the fear of considering something outside of our everyday routine can keep us from life’s limitless new opportunities.

For as long as I can remember, I have had an extreme fear of heights. This fear has kept me from traveling as much as I desire, from going on fun-filled excursions – and even from exploring my home country of Iceland.

Facing My Fear Of Heights – In A Breathtaking Helicopter Tour Of The Reykjavik Summit

One of my many goals in life is to continually face my fears, both large and small. My fear of heights undoubtedly tops my list of fears – but I decided it was time to face it head on.

The Reykjavik Summit is a local sight, which attracts the attention of both Icelanders – as well as tourists who are visiting our majestic country. In fact, the Reykjavik Summit is featured in Hollywood films such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Oblivion, Interstellar, Noah, Prometheus, Flags of our Fathers, Batman Begins, and Die Another Day…just to name a few!

One of the best ways to enjoy the Reykjavik Summit, is by helicopter – so earlier this year I booked a tour with Nordurflug which offers Helicopter Tours in Iceland.

We ventured out on a beautiful snowy day. We flew across Reykjavik and the surrounding areas, and landed on a summit nearby Reykjavik were the cold was -8 degrees Celsius. The views of Reykjavik in the snow from the helicopter were breathtaking – and the view from the summit was stunning! A truly unforgettable experience all the way around!


The two volcano photos are from Norðurflug’s website (,
and the others are from my tour with Norðurflug 2015.

What Facing My Fears Has Taught Me

It’s not that my fear of heights has vanished in its entirety, but by facing my fear head on – I was able to experience first-hand what I already knew – that my fear places limitations on my life. While some might argue that a fear of heights doesn’t really keep you from much, for me the life experiences it was keeping me from were tremendously apparent.

That being said, you may have a fear, and I myself have other fears or limiting beliefs, which have kept me from trying something new, going outside of my comfort zone – and sometimes even from doing what seems most logical.  

In fact, it is fair to say that many of our fears are responsibility telling us that our odds of failure or rejection are drastically higher than our odds of success.

So Why Bother Facing Your Fears?

According to Paolo Coehlo, it is not courage or the absence of fear which leads one to achieve success – but willpower. It is this same willpower that provides people with the dedication and determination required to achieve their goals and dreams – both large and small.

If you consider some of the most successful and influential persons in the world – such as Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Gandhi, and Mandela – they all possessed the willpower to keep on going. Each experienced monumental challenges – but they still continued on in their journey.

In fact, what they all had in common – is that they did not expect for the road to be smooth sailing. In everything that they faced, they continued to find the motivation to keep going. They continued on – even when others would have given up.

Life is not easy. In fact, if we always take the easy road in life – it is unlikely that we will be able to achieve a meaningful or fulfilling life.

By facing my fears – I embrace freedom!

If you’re visiting my Country Iceland, I’d highly advise you to spend part of a day on a helicopter venture – even if, like myself, you have a fear of heights!

Question: When was the last time you moved outside your comfort zone? What’s holding you back? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Until next time……


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16 thoughts on “Finally I Faced My Fear

  1. What beautiful landscapes! Congratulations of overcoming this fear and going on this tour – it must have been awesome and you should have taken more pictures. You really opened up my appetite for visiting Iceland right now! I’m booking a helicopter tour tomorrow! Wahoo!

  2. Life is far from being easy. But if we always take the easiest road (or the one that seems like the easiest to us) we will never become better. We will always remain the same, not evolving. And what is life is not a process of constantly evolving into something else, good or bad.

  3. The last time I moved past my comfort zone was when I decided to quit my job. It was such a rush I can’t even begin to explain it. I had planned of doing this for years but there was always something holding me down. I guess it was my fear.

  4. What an epic kind of adventure you had Selma. One you would certainly cherished for having the time to face and conquer our limiting beliefs.

    That, in fact gave me much courage to face my fear in this internet marketing game I choose to venture, specially I’m on the phase of starting now to create the rough outline of the digital product I plan to create.

    Keep posting and inspire others…


  5. Had no idea that Iceland was this spectacular! I think you’ve made a lot of people want to take a trip there. I’m happy to hear that you’ve took the bull by the horns and decided to face this important fear you had. I think the fear never really goes away, it’s just us that learn to get past it as often as we can.

  6. You’ve motivated me to start facing my own scary fears. I also have a fear of heights ever since I was a little girl. I also have other fears like the fear of failure which stops me from going all out and doing what I really love. It’s time for a change in attitude.

  7. Wow, what a stunning view you enjoyed during your helicopter trip. I’ll make sure to book such an excursion when visiting Iceland.

    Unfortunately it is the fear that is limiting us to explore so many things, until we realize that it only exists in our mind. Once we manage to overcome it, we can enjoy what lies on the other side.

    “Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”
    – Marilyn Ferguson

    Congrats on enjoying your freedom, Selma.

    Have a great day,

  8. WOW!! What a beautiful experience, and congratz!! on facing your fears not many people do but you did :). once we do we face our fears, we realise how small it was and start to wonder why we made it stop us achieving our dreams. Epic pics!!!