Have 4 Minutes To Spare?

Take A Few Minutes To Enjoy My New Song - “Never Promised To Behave”

One of my many passions is writing poetry, which I transform in to lyrics for many different genres of music. I had taken a bit of a break from composing music and lyrics, but missed the art form – and began writing again this past year.

During 2014 I have released 3 songs, the latest being “Never Promised to Behave.” This song has a modern jazzy feel, with a hint of Broadway. The song is performed by the talented Jovana Djordjevic – who is featured in the music video on YouTube.

Checkout My Latest Music Review!

The competition is fierce in the world of independent music, especially when you factor in all of the musicians from around the globe. After taking a break from music for the last 20 years, It felt great to see my first 2 songs featured on the Independent Music review blog of the talented Brett Stewart.

I was honored to hear Brett’s review referring to Jovana’s voice, and my music and lyrics as:

“The vocalist defines the entire song, elegantly classifying it into a beautiful jazzy ballad. The lyricism is fairly strong, and the musical prowess of the track is excellent. The production is also excellent.”

I Would Love To Hear What You Think Too

I invite you to head over to YouTube or Spotify to hear my new song, and please feel free to drop a quick line in the comment box to let me know what you think. Also feel free to subscribe to my channel so that you can enjoy my other songs – and be the first to know when I have a new release.

As always I thank you for visiting my website, and taking the time to see the creative projects I am currently working on!

Until next time……

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Selma is a passionate creator who continues to branch out and explore new artistic endeavors. She is a Web Developer and Internet Marketer. She was an early online entrepreneur, who launched her web design company in 1996, and she has been working solely online since 2004. She is a proud mom of 5, who calls the picturesque Iceland home. Her versatile interests also include Songwriting, Electronics Technician, and she is a published Children’s Book Author.

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28 thoughts on “Have 4 Minutes To Spare?

  1. Thank you for the invite and I will surely subscribe to see more amazing songs from you Selma. You surely know what your viewers wants to see. Keep it coming

  2. There is something special about this song and I really recommend this to everyone. Listen and watch it again and again…

  3. You have a wonderful youtube channel because I really enjoyed your uploads and I wish you a Merry Christmas. Your music inspires so many that’s why you should keep on writing amazing music.

  4. Hi Selma,

    Nice writing. I like the song. She sings good too.
    I’m a musician too and play the bass guitar. If you need me
    to lay down some tracks for you let me know.

    I’m 58 and have been playing for a long time.
    You could send me the tune and I’ll play the bass for it.
    I play by ear. Just hear it and play it.

    Nice to see another musician out there.