Small But Mighty – Iceland Vikings Beat All Odds

Huh! for Iceland

The Iceland Vikings may not have been considered a major contender at the start of Euro 2016, but they are proving to be just that! The Vikings beat all odds this week, and knocked England out of the finals. On Sunday our mighty team will play host nation France, while the entire nation of Iceland will be watching. 

Small But Mighty - Iceland Vikings Beat All Odds

Small But Mighty

Iceland is a small nation, of just 332,000 people. When it comes to professional athletes, our football players have long been some of our most celebrated. Part of what makes our team’s success so unique, is that unlike professional athletes in most countries – our team doesn’t play for the fame or the money – but for the love of the game.

Case in point: While England’s football manager earns $4.6 million a year to coach his team, Iceland’s co-manager Heimir Hallgrimsson makes ends meet as a part-time dentist.

Iceland’s Fighting Spirit

While the world may be watching the Vikings recent success with shock and awe, their success doesn’t come as a surprise to their loyal fans. Icelandic is a country who believes in possibility. The country’s inspiring culture, produced a football team of hard working and loyal athletes.

Iceland’s football team is a true team, a proud team with a fighting spirit. A team that never forgets who they are, or where they came from. How could they forget? 10% of Iceland flew to France to watch the Vikings do what they do best. 10%!

Just watch as they celebrate with fans after the Historical win over England.

Huh! for Iceland

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Go Vikings!

Question: Who will win #ISLFRA – France or Iceland? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “Small But Mighty – Iceland Vikings Beat All Odds

  1. I was an Iceland supported against England and I think Iceland has the greatest supporters at this European Championship! They have been singing all match long during all the matches! I love it and I love the fighting spirit this nation has! England didn’t deserve to go forward because they played really bad and are generally quite weak at final tournaments like this or the World Cup. They might have a strong championship but they are not a real team. As to your question, I feel Iceland will draw with France and beat them at the penalty shootout.

  2. I’m hoping the match against France is fair and that the Iceland Vikings win! What I mean is I’m hoping the referee doesn’t push France forward. I think Iceland can eliminate France because they have the desire to do better (much more than France does) but the past shows us that home teams have often been helped with a penalty or who knows what. If France manages to beat Iceland without any help then they are deserving of passing to the next round. But if Iceland ends up being better and I definitely think there is a chance of that, may they be left to win the game. I think Iceland wins in extra time.