Free WP Plugin Allows You To Quickly Remove Time And Date

If you own a WordPress website or blog, then you are sure to be on the lookout for the most useful plugins. A feature that many are looking for, is a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily remove the time and date from specific post categories – which is why I designed my FREE WP Date Remover plugin!

WP Date Remover

Why Remove The Time And Date?

As part of your online marketing strategy, you are sure to post a large amount of evergreen, or in other words, timeless content. Even though a post that you created on, let’s say, goal setting may still be as relevant today as it was when you posted it 3 years ago – many readers will see the initial posting date and assume it is outdated. But if there is no initial posting date, this problem is eliminated!

WP Date Remover Plugin

There are plenty of similar plugins out there – but what makes my plugin unique – is that it allows you to remove the time and date from specific categories. This means you get to choose!

My WP Date Remover plugin is FREE for you to use.

Just click here to grab your copy.

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8 thoughts on “Free WP Plugin Allows You To Quickly Remove Time And Date

  1. Excellent, thanks Selma.

    I was looking for something like this a little while ago but couldn’t find the right solution.

    And it’s free…

    Look forward to reading more stuff on your blog.


  2. Glad I found this post…Very useful tool. I have been wondering even as I was reading this blog how bloggers get rid of the time and dates. Thanks

  3. Thanks Selma. Your Plug-In is working in my blog after I tried another one which was not removing the date.
    Very easy to install and does what is supposed to do!
    I am looking on your site to check your recommendations!
    Warm regards