What Is a Google Thin Content Penalty and How to Get It Revoked

As a website and business owner your goals are to increase your website traffic, and to rank as high as possible on Google.

There are many ways to do this organically and legitimately, but there are also a few methods that Google considers questionable – which is why in 2013 the search engine created the Google Thin Content Penalty.

What Is Considered Thin Content?

The Top 6 Plugins For WordPress SEO Optimization

While your WordPress website comes with built-in optimization settings and plug-ins, there are many free plug-ins you can install to further improve your WordPress SEO optimization. Further optimizing your website will help to draw more organic traffic to your website – and increase your page rank!

Installing these plug-ins, and understanding how to utilize them will help you to reach your target audience – which is essential if you are relying on your website for residual income.

Here are the top 6 plug-ins you can install today.

Why Images On Your Blog Are Important

An important ingredient of blogging is the ability to be able to stand tall from the others. Providing value is not enough, if a blogger must turn visitors into readers. The content of such blogs must not only be interesting but engaging. It has been said that a picture tells a thousand words and this has proven to be true online than it is offline.

One sure way you can spice up things is by adding quality and relevant images to go with your articles. Photos and images have become very vital to a successful digital strategy without which your online presence may have very little impact.

Here are some important points why images are relevant to the success of your blog:

Choosing The Best Domain Name For Your Business

Whether you have a local business, nationwide business, or worldwide business – having a website is a must. While there is much that needs to be taken into consideration when building a website, the very first thing you must invest your time and energy into is selecting an appropriate domain name.

Think of your domain name as your first line of online advertising, because a well-chosen domain name will lead to more organic traffic to your website – as well as create more search engine indexes.

The Numerous Benefit Of Creating A WordPress Website For Your Business

Whether your business is large or small, it is imperative that you have a website to market your business, products, and services online. As a business owner you may believe the best plan of action is to hire a website designer to build a custom site from scratch. While this is a common belief, a custom site will require ongoing maintenance and support from an outside specialist. Not only can this get expensive, but it can make it extremely difficult to make even the smallest changes to your website.

The great news is, there is an easy and effective alternative – a WordPress website!

Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing a WordPress website, opposed to a custom built website.