The New Amazon Kindle – No Longer Just For Reading!

I just purchased the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and couldn’t be more pleased with the upgrades and new features it has to offer. While my first Kindle was primarily a reading tool, there is no doubt about it – the Kindle HDX is a full-fledged and highly competitive notebook.

Still compact at only 7” tall, the Kindle HDX features superior high definition displays, which are far more impressive than even the Retina display on the Apple iPad. It has 1920×1200 pixels, which make for superior reading, image quality, and general displays. It also comes with a quad-core processor, allowing for greater quality when watching videos.

Being that the Kindle HDX is more than just a reading device, it runs for $299 for the basic 16 GB model, which includes Wi-Fi only access. However, for a bit more you can purchase your Kindle HDX with additional memory and/or in the ad-free version. You can also purchase the 4G LTE from Verizon or AT&T.

To allow you greater functionality the Kindle HDX comes with two GB of RAM—allowing you to store more videos, games, and other features to best meet your mobile needs. On top of that the new and improved Kindle HDX now comes standard with 24/7 tech support, which can be accessed through the “Mayday” button – at no additional cost!

To allow for multitasking the Kindle HDX has a faster web browser, comes standard with OfficeSuite, and is designed to support Gmail, Outlook, or your preferred calendar and email support.

To enhance your Kindle experience, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime to have access to checkout free loaned eBooks, video streaming, and a wide selection of movies through Prime Instant Video. As a Prime member, you will also enjoy free Amazon shipping. Prime is available for a low annual fee, and as a new Kindle HDX owner you can try Prime out for free for a full 30 days. Prime is not required for Kindle owners, but it is an excellent way to enhance your Kindle experience.

The new Kindle HDX also has some fun new features such as X-Ray for Movies and TV that allows you to access more detailed information about what you are watching – as well as X-Ray for Music which lets you follow along to the lyrics of the music you are playing on your Kindle. To watch videos on a larger screen you can use Second Screen, to send them directly to your TV.

While I use to only think of my Kindle as a reading device, it has now replaced my notebook – while still being my preferred device for reading.

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6 thoughts on “The New Amazon Kindle – No Longer Just For Reading!

  1. It’s about time for them to do the upgrade because they are being left out by their competitors. I am interested to buy after I read this post.

  2. Hi Selma,

    I agree with you about the Kindle Fire HDX. I got one as a present for Christmas and I absolutely love it.

    I also have the orignal Kindle reader – not the touch-screen, but the one where you have to click the button on the side to move on a page. I really love this one too, and, in fact, I still carry it with me at times when I just want to read a book that will slip it into my jacket pocket.

    When Kindle came out at the start, I always said that I would never have one (although I also said that about mobile phones!). I said that I preferred the feel of a book in my hands.

    I then gave in and bought one to try it out. I was so glad that I did. They are so, so handy, and you can get loads of stuff on there. I have a lot of PDFs on mine.

    As you say, the Kindle Fire is more of a computer, and is obviously heavier than the original reader, but it is a cracking device.


  3. Hey Selma,

    I am so glad you have written this post. I have been leaning towards upgrading to Kindle Fire for a while. I began with the kindle keyboard which I loved and still have. I am now using the Kindle Paperwhite which is wonderful, although it has no audio on it. But it is great for reading, just not good for audio books.

    So both yours and Arny’s experience with the Kindle Fire have pushed me into looking into the different models.

    Take care