WordPress Backup: Make sure you don’t loose your work

Dennis Cooper lost Years’ worth of work when Google removed his blog without notice

We live in a day and age where we perform most of our personal and professional work and communication online, but we sometimes take our technology for granted.  

WordPress Backup

As a website or blog owner, you are likely to complete much of your ongoing work and communication through your website’s back of house – or through your linked email account. While this is certainly time and cost effective, you must not forget to back up your website.

Just Ask Dennis Cooper

Like many artists and aspiring online entrepreneurs, artist Dennis Cooper launched a free Blogger website back in 2002. While many have abandoned this early blogging platform, Dennis still achieved much success with his blog. In fact, he found that his blog was such a convenient platform to work within, that he performed and saved all of his work within his blog. He also used the linked email to conduct all of his personal and professional communication.

But then Google removed his blog without notice, and all of his work and contacts were lost! Years’ worth of work!

Back Up Today So This Doesn’t Happen To You Too!

While Dennis’s case is a bit unique because he was using a free blogging platform, your paid blog or website could still suffer similar loss. While you may not wake up one day to find that your website has been removed, you could wake up to find that:

  • Your website has been hacked
  • Your data has been compromised
  • Essential work has been lost
  • That your content or overall design is lost during an update
  • That your theme has gone haywire

Backing Up Your Website Is Easy

Not only should you back up your website or blog, but you should automate your back ups – so that you can rest assured that the potential for loss is minimal. The good news is, that backing up is easy!

I use UpdraftPlus to back up each of my websites – even this one! UpdraftPlus allows me to automate my back ups, so that I never forget, and provides me with ample Amazon S2 Storage. It is also intuitive, and secure – so that I never worry about my hard work being compromised.

Even if you save all of your written content in Word docs or other files, backing up your website is the only way to ensue swift recovery if your website is compromised.

Learn more about UpdraftPlus today!

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