Why WordPress Is The Best CMS for Small Business

Grow your small business easily by using the best CMS platform!

WordPress has been around for more than a decade. It’s still one of the most popular choices for people want to enhance their web presence.  

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS for Small Business

For small business owners, WordPress is no doubt a powerful tool. It has enabled many businesses to take advantages of the affordable, simple web development solution as well as the easy content management system.

With WordPress, many things become hassle-free. In fact, in 2016 it was listed as the “CMS of the year” by Web3Techs, beating others giant web technologies such as Shopify, Google Analytics, Squarespace, Unbuntu, and Amazon. This was the 7th time WordPress earned this spot.

So if you’re in search for the best CMS for small business website, here are why you should opt for WordPress.

Customization Made Easy

Not everyone is technical. The ability to customize online presence is one of the most critical factors when it comes to choosing the best CMS for small business.

Being 100% open source, WordPress makes easy customization a piece of cake. There are unlimited opportunities to personalize the look of your business website. Plus, it only costs a fraction of what traditional web development services would charge you.

Perfect for SEO

A major concern for online businesses in the digital age is SEO. With intense competition, how can you achieve and maintain that ideal spot on a search engine’s front page?

Luckily WordPress was developed with SEO optimization in mind. This makes sure that your business can easily get found by potential customers.

The platform offers some of the most important elements for on-page SEO. This includes proper HTML markup, title tags and headings, optimized images with ALT tags and descriptions, SEO-friendly permalinks, and content creation.

Great Theme Options

The sky is the limit when it comes to WordPress theme options. There are both free and paid options for themes constantly being added to the platform on a daily basis.

Go on WordPress Theme Directory and you are bound to find a theme to install and customize in a way that perfectly matches your business’ mission and vision.

Frequent Updates

The best CMS for small business must be constantly maintained and updated. Otherwise, poorly maintained platforms will give you a hard time and even put your business at risk.

WordPress often launches its upgraded version twice annually. This helps improve security and allows users to handle threats effectively.

Superb Support

No matter how great a product is, if a business fails at customer support, it won’t be long till users opt for another competitor.

WordPress offers various support options, including user forums to ensure your specific needs are addressed in a timely, hassle-free manner.

WordPress: The Best CMS for Small Business

Whether you’re running a startup or an established business, WordPress is a wonderful CMS that shows no signs of a decrease in usage anytime soon.

Its easy, simple, and flexible solution is hard to compete, making the platform one of the strongest and most secure CMS services currently available on the market.

If you have any questions about how WordPress can benefit your business, I’m happy to help. Contact me today!

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2 thoughts on “Why WordPress Is The Best CMS for Small Business

  1. I can’t believe I once thought Blogger was better than WordPress. This makes me laugh so hard now but when I first started working online I mistakenly considered Blogger as a better platform than WordPress. I was actually scared of using WP because I thought it would be hard to understand all that code. That was until I learned about the many, many free plugins that you can use to do just about everything. I’ve started using WP and never looked back.