Free WP Plugin Allows You To Quickly Remove Time And Date

If you own a WordPress website or blog, then you are sure to be on the lookout for the most useful plugins. A feature that many are looking for, is a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily remove the time and date from specific post categories – which is why I designed my FREE WP Date Remover plugin!

WP Date Remover

Why Remove The Time And Date?

7 Plugins That Will Increase Website Speed On Desktops And Mobile Devices

November 2, 2015

Whether your website has always been slow, or it’s lacking speed is a newer concern – it is something you need to tend to swiftly. Slow website speed means that website visitors (both returning and new) may not have the time or patience to wait. The plugins suggested in this post will get you heading in the right direction!

What Is a Google Thin Content Penalty and How to Get It Revoked

As a website and business owner your goals are to increase your website traffic, and to rank as high as possible on Google.

Google Penalty

There are many ways to do this organically and legitimately, but there are also a few methods that Google considers questionable – which is why in 2013 the search engine created the Google Thin Content Penalty.

What Is Considered Thin Content?

How To Waste Time Or Money With Social Media Marketing

Marketing with Torsten
May 16, 2015

So you know that social media plays a crucial role in your online success, but you may not be sure where to begin. In this inquisitive post, Torsten teaches you where to invest both your time and money in order to drive maximum results. This is the perfect read for those whose social media has yet to deliver results!

Finally I Faced My Fear

And It Was Totally Worth The Challenge!

When was the last time you had the opportunity to try something new, but declined due to your fear?

Facing Fear

Whether your fear pertains to something specific, for me this would be my fear of heights – but sometimes the fear of considering something outside of our everyday routine can keep us from life’s limitless new opportunities.

For as long as I can remember, I have had an extreme fear of heights. This fear has kept me from traveling as much as I desire, from going on fun-filled excursions – and even from exploring my home country of Iceland.

Facing My Fear Of Heights – In A Breathtaking Helicopter Tour Of The Reykjavik Summit

Take Out the Best in You

A lot of people seem to have low self-esteem or don’t have enough confidence in their own selves. Most of the time, they suffer from inferiority complex which in turn makes them feeling lacking.

What they need is to discover their own strengths and interests so that working on it will take out the best in them.

However, the question lies on how you will be able to discover your expertise.

Some tips that you may consider

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – And Thank You For Your Continued Support!

The holiday season is here, and I wanted to take the time to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas! If you do not celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

I am an artist who enjoys to explore many genres of art – website designer, photographer, children’s book author, poet, lyricist, and composer. To celebrate this joyous time of year, I decided to write and produce a song just for you, titled “Christmas Time is Here.”

My Gift To You!

“Christmas Time is Here” is sung by the talented Josiah Ruff, and complemented by talented musicians Paulo Almaden and Tom Davidson. While we all have Christmas classics that we know and love, there is always room for more songs designed to spread the universal message of joy and love!

Have 4 Minutes To Spare?

Take A Few Minutes To Enjoy My New Song - “Never Promised To Behave”

One of my many passions is writing poetry, which I transform in to lyrics for many different genres of music. I had taken a bit of a break from composing music and lyrics, but missed the art form – and began writing again this past year.

During 2014 I have released 3 songs, the latest being “Never Promised to Behave.” This song has a modern jazzy feel, with a hint of Broadway. The song is performed by the talented Jovana Djordjevic – who is featured in the music video on YouTube.

Checkout My Latest Music Review!