About Selma

Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir is a songwriter from Iceland who’s currently working on a music project that brings together different session musicians from around the world. She’s been making music much of her life and works in a flurry of different genres, often flipping between different styles with every track. From powerful ballads, to pop punk and even 60’s rock; there’s something for everyone in Selma’s ever growing collection of genre-defying anthems. 

The heartfelt sincerity that Selma brings to her music and songwriting traces all the way back to her days as a young child in Iceland, where she first connected to what would quickly become her lifelong passion.  Learning piano/accordion by the age of only seven, playing guitar by the time she was eleven, and starting formal music lessons at the age of thirteen – Selma discovered all kinds of styles and sounds, building upon her own natural skillset at an impressively rapid pace as she refined her talent.  By the time she turned seventeen, she was already writing her first songs, and only three short years later, Selma started up her own music business at the age of twenty, becoming immersed in her art and career.

Though she would spend the next decade-plus in the technology industry and exploring a whole other set of her own creative aspirations, the music never left her system and her desire to return never faded.  

Since the 1990’s, Selma has released a string of singles and a full length album. She has dozens and dozens of unpublished songs and now that the busy hustle of life has calmed, is the perfect time for Selma to step into the spotlight with her songs and music where she’s always belonged. 

Returning officially in 2022 with her latest single “Over Romanticized,” featuring the fantastic talents of singer Eric Castiglia and Katie Burke, Selma has now started into the most dedicated and exciting chapter of her music career to-date – and she can’t wait to share her new songs with each and every one of YOU out there listening!  

Join Selma as she embraces emotion, music, and melody as one, with stunning new releases coming out throughout the years to follow that reveal the diversity within her easy-listening style and songs that fully comfort the mind, body, and soul.

Selma Mariudottir (photo taken in 2020)

Selma Mariudottir (photo taken in 1990)