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Hello! My name is Selma Mariudottir – and I am so happy you found your way to my website!

There is a lot here for you to explore, and that is designed to fulfill a wide-range of your interests.

I thought I would take a few minutes to share a bit with you about my background so that you know who is on the other end of this connection.

As The Story Goes – It’s Not What You Have, It’s What You Do With It!

I was born in Iceland, the Land of Ice and Fire.


The two volcano photos are from Norðurflug’s website (www.heli.is),
and the others are from a tour I booked with Norðurflug 2015.

At a young age I was placed in foster care. By the time I was 16 years old I had lived with 3 different families, one of which both of my parents were alcoholics.

The ups and downs of my childhood led to severe depression, but then everything changed!

Music – The Soundtrack Of Our Life

At age of 7, I discovered my love for the art of music and started playing piano and accordion by ear.  Around the age of 11, I learned my first guitar chords and at age of 13 I began formal piano lessons. At age of 17  I wrote my first songs and lyrics – and by the age of 20 I had launched my own music business, which later turned into the field of web design. By 21 I had released my first record, and to this day I continue to write and produce music in my leisure time.

There Is Always More To Learn

While my love of music will never die, I continued to explore my creative aspirations by venturing into computer programming, website design, writing, and poetry. At age 27 I graduated as electronics technician and based on that I also studied computer programming and systems theory.


After spending years in the technology industry, working alongside firms such as Nyherji as an IBM Desktop Technician, I shifted gears a bit, and began to hone my skills for web design. My move to web design led to the great pleasure of working as the webmaster for The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV).


The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV).

In 2004, I decided to take advantage of the freedom and flexibility offered by the Internet, and began working for myself full time. Since then, my professional focus has been centered around building my online company, creative writing, and further exploring my love of music.

Creative Writing And Children‘s Books

I am a member of The Writers’ Union of Iceland and STEF (The Performing Right Society of Iceland).  To date I have published 6 children’s book in the Perky Pranksters series and one app, have designed hundreds of websites, and continue to write and produce music.

Perky Pranksters

The Perky Pranksters project has been awarded grants from recognised sources, e.g. The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture’s Fund for the Development of Educational Material.


How Publishing Improved My Online Success

I have gained much insight by pursuing my passions, both personally and professionally. My commitment to ongoing learning left me wanting to create a faster and easier way for others to achieve the same goals, that for me required many years of obtaining expensive specialty degrees and certifications. This is why I decided to create and publish my own information products.

Information products are written guides, audio recordings, or digital video recordings that detail how to achieve specific goals. They eliminate the need for courses that cover an array of topics, when all you need is to learn something specific. Information products not only save you time, but are more cost-effective than signing up for a class or seminar.

I launched my first information product in June of 2015, called The Traffic Blueprint, and I currently have dozens of other projects in progress.

The Traffic Blueprint

The Freedom In Bringing Your Ideas To Life

Yes, it is wonderful when inspiration strikes, but it is even more fulfilling to bring that same idea to life! In fact, I have found that this is often the missing piece of the puzzle for those searching for true happiness. At least it was for me.

Yes, we all have obligations to work, family, and friends – and sometimes this leaves us putting ourselves on the back burner. By launching my own business, I have found a meaningful way to support myself by doing what I love. I also have full creative freedom, and the flexibility to prioritize my schedule and design my life around what matters most to me – which for me is my family.


Don’t Allow Uncountable Circumstances Define Your Life

While the circumstances I was born into were out of my control, I found my passion for art – and more importantly my passion for life. I am now a happily married mother of 5, and my family brings unsurmountable joy to my life!

The Internet allows me to share my passion for art, self-improvement, and all of my other entrepreneurial aspirations with the world. I live in Iceland, and look forward to hearing from website visitors near and far. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything you find on my website.

Whether you found your way to my website in a random web search, or are a returning visitor – I welcome you to my website!




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4 thoughts on “About Selma

  1. I really enjoyed reading about you. what an inspiration you are. It doesn’t matter how we begin but rather, how we finish. You are multi-talented and it has served you well.

    Some people believe that a person should focus on one thing, however, that doesn’t apply to people like you and I.

    Thanks for sharing the plugin.


  2. Hi Selma, what a life you have led. From a poor start, which could have held many of us back, you have achieved wonderful things. You are an inspiration. I am in my 70s now, and I have been trying for many years to have some online success. I have a hard disc full of PLRs which have cost a fortune over the years. I have taken courses which promise the world, but just don’t deliver.
    I have, this year, joined a coaching course run by John Thornhill, which I think will help me with the techy stuff. You, however, will provide the inspiration. Thank you

    • Hi Pauline,

      Thanks so much for your kind words and for taking the time to stop by and post a comment 🙂

      Regarding your unused PLRs, you could start by using them as blog post and add some affiliate links if possible.

      I believe John Thornhill’s course is one of the most reliable courses out there so you should be in good hands there. I did launch one product with him and it went very well. So hang in there, I look forward to see your first product 🙂

      Enjoy the P2S journey!

      Best regards, Selma